When homeowners decide to have hardwood floors installed in a bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a plumber in Falls Church, VA come to the house first and make sure all the plumbing features are in excellent condition. Unexpected problems that develop due to underlying, unknown issues can result in water leaking onto the floor and damaging it. These incidents can happen when nobody is home, when nobody is paying attention or when only the children have noticed the problem and have decided to keep mum.

Dripping Faucets

A plumber can check all the fixtures, pipes and drains, fixing anything that should be repaired. A dripping faucet is unlikely to cause a sink or tub to overflow onto the floor, but this is a good time to get that annoyance resolved.

Sluggish Shower Drains

In contrast, a shower drain in a standalone shower could back up while someone is bathing without the person noticing. A teenager or adult knows enough to mop up the water on the floor afterward, but a younger child may not realize how important that is or do a good job. A plumber from a company such as All Plumbing clears out sluggish drains, so water flows freely again.

Hidden Leaks

Leaks that are hidden by cabinetry should also be fixed. The household residents may have been putting up with a minor U-joint leak under a bathroom sink, catching water with a bucket and emptying the bucket out every week or so. That situation will only worsen if left alone.

Toilet Tank Condensation

One problem that isn’t from an actual leak occurs due to very cold water coming into the toilet tank after flushing. That water reacts to exterior humidity, causing condensation on the outside of the tank. Water drips onto the floor.

This is common in the summertime when it can be difficult to keep humidity levels in the house reasonable even with central air conditioning. A plumber in Falls Church, VA can adjust the valves, so a blend of cold and hot water is sent to the tank whenever the toilet is flushed. That prevents condensation from forming.

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