Moving can be a tedious chore and requires a lot of forethought and organization to pull it off correctly. Things can be even more challenging in situations where someone has to be out of one location before their next home is ready for move in. While it’s easy to find a hotel to stay in, or a short-term rental, finding a place to store items for the short-term can be more challenging. Regardless, when preparing for a move, everything from packing supplies in Red Lion, PA to short-term storage can be found at one location – a storage facility.

Packing Supplies

In honesty, there are a lot of places where someone can get packing supplies. Everywhere from the local big box store to the local home improvement store sells packing supplies. Even some post offices and shipping companies offer packing supplies for sale.

However, a storage facility is an excellent resource for packing supplies in Red Lion, PA. A big reason that they are a better choice is that they know what people will need when moving and will have items that someone may not be aware they need until they are in the middle of a move. In some cases, they may rent items like a hand truck and blankets to reduce costs.

Short and Long-Term Storage

Another benefit to a storage company is that they can offer long or short-term storage for their customers. Not every facility offers lower prices to store for a week or two, but many do. It’s important to shop around on this one, as some companies charge by the month and others require a 3-month commitment to get a lower price.

Vehicle Storage

It’s also possible to store vehicles at a storage facility. This could mean an extra vehicle that needs a place to stay until the new house is ready, or it could be a boat or an RV. Regardless, there are options for indoor, covered and open storage.

If you’re planning a move, and you need supplies, or you need storage while you wait for your new place to be ready, there are options available. For more information on your options, visit the website and learn how you can get the right supplies for your move, or rent a storage space until your ready for your final move.

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