Frozen feeder insects form the basis of the diet for many different kinds of animals. Crickets (several varieties), locusts, mealworms, superworms, black fungus beetles, wax moths, cockroaches (several varieties), banana flies—all share the common purpose of being food for birds, snakes, some fish, lizards, and other bugs.

Some Animals Eat Only Insects, Others Prefer Variety
Insectivores are animals that prefer to eat mainly insects. This group would include frogs, anteaters, many species of birds, bats, meerkats, snakes, chameleons, turtles, pangolin, praying mantis, moles, shrews, hedgehogs. Other animals will eat insects when more preferred types of food are not available. This group would include hawks, gulls, swans, geese, ducks, and crows (that will eat most anything that looks like food).

Amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, and newts eat water fleas when they are just starting out in life. As they grow they will search for mosquito larvae, and as adults they will eat insects along with small mice and worms.

There are mammals who will eat insects on a regular basis. Moles, shrews, and hedgehogs dine on earthworms, beetles, flies, butterflies, and even bees. The mole will eat grubs and worms. Shrews eat mice and other shrews in addition to insects. The aardvark and anteater will eat insects, as will the armadillo.

Even some mammals such as foxes, badgers, and skunks will eat insects when they are unable to find a better source of food. Animals that can adapt to adverse environments will often use insects as fillers until they come across better sources of protein.

One Type of Animal Should Not Eat Insects
It is not well known that the iguana although of the reptile family is an herbivore. They are unable to digest both meats and vegetables, and may become severely ill when fed with animal protein. They may eat an occasional insect (compare it to an occasional treat for humans) if no other food is available. But they suffer organ damage if fed a regular diet of protein and should eat vegetables instead.

Which Animals Eat Superworms?
A variety of animals eat feeder insects such as superworms including hamsters, rats, and rodents (not guinea pigs). Doves, chickens, pigeons, and other straight-billed birds do also. Bearded dragons, turtles, tortoises, geckos, some fish, and lizards (that are not strictly herbivores) enjoy these superworm types of protein.

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