Are you still looking for just the right gift for your best man? Well, you may find that a vintage pub sign is the perfect way to show your appreciation while playing to their tastes and interests. You do not have to be super sentimental in order to show that you really care about your best bud. All you need is something that is unique enough for a wedding, but simple enough for even the most understated guy. A vintage pub sign incorporates your friend’s hobbies and likes while letting you give them something extra special as a token of your gratitude. Let’s take a look at some of the options available.


First of all, what kind of guy does not like sports? You really can’t go wrong with a sports-themed sign! Fortunately, there are loads of options in this category, with teams from the major sporting organizations, such as the MLB, NFL, and NHL. Your buddy will love to hang this signage up so that everyone will know who he is rooting for. This gift is ideal for the ultimate man cave, and it is classy enough to give at an important event like a wedding. Even poker, fishing, and other activities can be featured on this kind of signage, so be sure to look into it!


Yet, let’s say that your pal is not so keen on sports and the like. Not a problem! There are still many great choices out there, and you just need to pinpoint what will appeal most to your friend’s interests. Perhaps he is more about understated elegance and refinement. If that is the case, then a classic bar plaque that reflects an Irish or English pub will be a wonderful choice. You can feature his favorite drink or cocktail on the signage to show that you know his personal taste. This accessory will look great in a basement, den, garage, or just about any area.

Other Themes

If you are still stuck and can’t decide what to give your best man, then remember that there are still many other themes out there. You can find just about anything if you look hard enough. The great thing about these signs is that they are versatile and can appeal to many different personalities. So get started on finding the best choice today! Your groomsman is sure to love it and admire it for a lifetime!

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