Because water is a basic necessity of life, we are often concerned about its purity. By having your water tested, you can ensure your family’s health. Water can be classified as hard or it can look cloudy. It may also have a chlorine smell and taste. Therefore, testing is vital to ensure its quality.

For example, a water treatment company in Egg Harbor Township, NJ may be contacted to test hard water. Hard water is made up of dissolved magnesium and calcium, and frequently iron. Most homes have hard water, regardless of the supplier or origin. Clues of hard water use are seen in dingy clothing, spots on glass, or bathtub rings. However, you can resolve the problem if the water is treated.

Is Your Water Cloudy?

A water treatment company is often notified when cloudy water comes out of the tap. This water contains suspended or dissolved solids and is often grayish in appearance. These solids represent turbidity. Oftentimes, water becomes cloudy as the result of runoff, a storm, or area construction. Even if your water is not cloudy, it still should be tested to check for dissolved solids.

Tasting or Smelling Chlorine

You need to call a water treatment company too if your water tastes or smells of chlorine. While chlorine is known as a disinfectant, it does smell and taste bad. Not only does it dry the hair and skin, it also fades clothing and can damage the seals on appliances. While it is used to treat water, it should not be smelled or tasted once it reaches your home’s plumbing system.

Who to Contact for Water Testing

As you can see, water treatment is helpful for various reasons. You just need to know more about your own water supply. Even if you think your water supply is currently acceptable, it never hurts to have it checked. Visit for further information. Set an appointment today for testing.

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