Electronic Health Records software, or Behavioral Health EHR software, is quickly becoming the normal setup at medical offices and hospitals. Alongside other medical software solutions, EHR solutions are expected. The reason for this is the ability to access full patient information instantly. Furthermore, cloud-based data management offers the option of universal data access. With the right medical software, a patient care network can be accessed from any location via internet access.

Integrate EHR into Your Medical Practice

There are a variety of powerful medical software solutions to handle everything from electronic medical information to insurance information, billing, and clinical operations. Well designed, integrated medical software programs significantly reduce errors, increasing productivity and patient safety. By integrating an EHR software program into your medical software system, you and other physicians will have patient information available at any time an internet connection is present in any location.

You will eliminate interoffice medical record paperwork, reducing the potential confusion of medical records and eliminating loss of vital information in transit. Information will literally be at your fingertips on a cloud-based data system, accessible from any compatible data device. Compatible devices include desktop computers, laptops, and tablets running Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Many other devices offer compatibility as well, though this depends on the complete medical software system you are using.

Medical Software and EHR Software

It is helpful to understand the conceptual and functional difference between standard medical software and electronic health records software. There are similarities, but primary medical software includes the basic electronic medical records software, which manages in-office medical records for one location. Then you have software running the EHR system, managing the exchange of medical record information between medical offices and hospitals on networks.

Comprehensive medical software solutions are the framework for EMR and EHR systems while also serving other office functions associated with a medical practice. It is the total software package from which all software programs are run and manipulated.

The best intelligent medical software programs typically work primarily with Windows and Mac operating systems. These intelligent medical software systems usually do provide EHR solutions as part of the package. Otherwise, applicable practicality would be diminished. Ideally, you want the total package integrated into your medical practice.

Server Applications and Cloud Storage

Severs are physical data storage arrays kept in a particular location. In this case, they would be kept at medical offices and other medical facilities. Server applications can only be accessed locally, in most cases, and serve to handle basic clinical and financial functions. EHR system software stores data on a cloud network, which is a sort of virtual storage network. This makes data available from virtually anywhere in the world as long as cellular towers and internet connections are readily available.

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