While most of the products we offer at Travertine Locators are comprised of travertine stone, we have another special product here which are the French pattern marble tiles. The French pattern creates a very unique and contemporary design for any kitchen, bathroom, patio, or deck. They are especially great for interior designs.

Timeless and Unique Designs with Premium Marble

Marble is a timeless symbol of richness and luxury. It has a distinct elegance that is seen in residential and commercial spaces throughout the world. It adds sophistication to any design and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Our marble flooring is offered in a variety of naturally beautiful designs and patterns, which range from bold and contrasting vein work to subtle hue transitions and natural earthy tones. Each and every tile is one of a kind which will ensure a unique design no matter where or how you use them.

The marble we offer here at Travertine Locators is always of the highest quality. We sell our premium graded tiles at affordable and discounted rates and offer free samples of any tile. We strive to ensure consistency in the quality of our products, so every tile we sell is inspected by our experienced team of professionals.

Layout and Look of French Pattern Marble Tiles

The French pattern takes a combination of four different sizes of tile which is sent in two bundles of multiple pieces. A set is comprised of twelve pieces of tile that is enough to cover an area of sixteen square feet. You can install the tiles easily on your own by following our do-it-yourself diagram. This contemporary design breathes life into the room, breaking up the monotony and rigid look found in traditional geometric floor designs.

French pattern marble tiles may be a bit higher in their initial cost than travertine stone, but the simple installation method will save you money. French pattern tiles can be installed with a thin set method as opposed to the usual mud set method that regular straight edge tiles require.

The creativity that the look of French pattern marble tiles can bring into your home can add a whole new dimension to any interior space. You can use an array of different sizes and shades to create your own customized, unique looks. Aside from whole floors, these tiles also make a brilliant addition to walls, stairs, balconies, and edging.

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At Travertine Locators you will find top quality, professionally inspected French pattern marble tiles in a huge variety of shapes, shades, and patterns at the lowest discounted prices. We offer free samples and 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products. We are positive that the new look and simple installation these tiles will bring into your home will leave you feeling one hundred percent satisfied.

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