The purpose of including the business name and logo on uniforms is to identify employees and get the business noticed. The more the name is seen with the logo, the faster the connection is made for loyal and new customers. Some will remember both, but most will at least remember one of the ways to look up the business or recognize it when passing by the location. Neither identifier will stand out if it is simply placed on the uniform in decal format.


It is easy to overlook information that blends in with the fabric. People will see the logo when dealing directly with an employee wearing a uniform, but it will be flat to the surface. This means it will not stand out and be remembered. That same logo can make more of a lasting impression if done with Embroidery in Bonner Springs. The vibrancy of the colours and the raised appearance garners more attention from customers and the community at large.


The element of depth Embroidery in Bonner Springs brings to uniforms is not achieved in any other technique of attaching a logo. That is why it stands out. Printing, decals, and heat transfers have no depth. This is true of any surface which is why embellishment is so effective. Scrapbooks, three dimensional wall hangings, and lighting fixtures with added designs attached are all perfect examples of how depth makes items more interesting and noticeable.

The Process

Ordering uniforms that are embroidered is a fast and cost-effective process. Apparel can be ordered in different styles, colours, and sizes. Customers can order online and submit the logo as a file, or they can visit us and order items in person. If uniforms styles are unique to a business or a franchise, they can be brought in to be embroidered.

Costs are determined by the number of colours desired, the size of the logo, and the number of uniforms ordered. It is also possible to have aprons or vests embroidered as well. This can cut down on costs for small businesses because sizing is not a major issue. A box of aprons, for example, will be easier and cheaper to have embroidered than uniforms in several different sizes.

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