Addiction Treatment Centers Benefit From Electronic Health Record Systems

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Information Technology and Services

When it comes to electronic health records (EHR), developers have designed software for specific healthcare needs. EHR for addiction treatment providers is set up to handle insurance billings, monitor medication, and patient activity. Each layer of the program allows doctors, therapists, and patients to work together towards recovery.

Medical Team

Often, a medical team and support system surround individuals when they first enter an addiction treatment facility. This network can lead to their success. The teams can work seamlessly with digital records and notes. Busy centers can benefit from user-friendly systems and features, such as dropdown menus and electronic prompts.

Patient Portal

As part of the recovery process, an individual may be required to attend group therapy. There are customizable electronic systems that allow people to check-in at the meetings, and this information is dated and timestamped in their EHR. This check-in feature frees up clerical staff. In addition, treatment facilities can use it to note when patients arrive for their appointment. It is a multipurpose tool that can streamline an office.


Numerous third-party authorizations are often needed when dealing with insurance providers and substance abuse treatment claims. The billing department can now access the physician’s diagnosis and other details to get the authorization quicker. Because these facilities will repeatedly use the same billing codes, technicians can have the software set up to simplify submitting these claims, which is achieved with some auto-generation and import commands. For more details about an EHR for addiction treatment providers, contact AZZLY at SItename.

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