All about homeowners insurance

by | May 16, 2013 | Insurance

All about homeowners insuranceWhen you ask for a home insurance quote Wichita KS, the agent prepares a premium cost that provides cover for your home, the contents and your family for any unexpected misfortune such as fire, theft vandalism or natural disasters. The insurance policy is designed to provide replacement or repair for your property; this could be anything from repairing the roof after a storm damaged it to replacing your home entertainment system after it was stolen during a break-in. When you purchase homeowners insurance it also provides for covering the costs of a new window in your neighbors home after your son throws a baseball through it or similar events.

The most familiar parts of homeowners insurance is the part of the policy that provides cover for damage to the house itself or damage and theft to the contents. Every policy is a little different so when you are talking to your agent and ask for a home insurance quote in Wichita KS you must be very specific in detailing what you want covered by the policy. There are policies that may not provide reimbursement for those events known as “acts of God,” these could be earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, etc. These perils can be insured against but you must make sure the agent understands what you want.

The amount of reimbursement may also be affected by constraints of your policy. Homeowners insurance is something that is designed to provide replacement of things such as your cameras, silverware, computers, clothing etc; it is not designed to give you a windfall profit in the event of a disaster. Make sure that the home insurance quote Wichita KS that you ask for provides cover for what the objects are worth, this will keep the premiums low and you can always increase the cover as you acquire an expensive asset.

If you are met with a natural disaster your insurance will help in rebuilding your damaged home. This includes all the basics of course such as plumbing, electricity and framing, it also includes all the appliances that were damaged or destroyed, your fence, garden shed and even your landscaping. Many policies reimburse you at the depreciated value while others provide for replacement expenses. The insurance will also pay for any temporary accommodation that you and your family need during the period when the home is being repaired.
Andy Woodward Insurance Agency can give you a home insurance quote in Wichita KS. Andy can help you identify the risks and perils and see to it that you are offered the best coverage at the best possible premium.

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