All About The Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

In certain instances, companies will turn to the telescopic hydraulic cylinder to provide the power and force they need to complete the job successfully. This is not the only type or category of hydraulic cylinder on the market. It is also not the only type of cylinder that can perform certain tasks. Yet, time and again, businesses request the incorporation of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder into their machinery or other equipment.

What Makes the Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Different?

The name “telescopic” is not a nickname or a misnomer. In fact, it is apt. The design of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder does indeed mimic the actions of a telescope. In fact, the cylinder actually resembles it physically. They are constructed and look like the original. This is what differentiates it from other types of hydraulic cylinders.

The cylinder is constructed of a series of tubing with each section being smaller across than the other in order to fit like a babushka doll one within the other. The largest of the sections is referred to as the barrel or main. The other sections – of which there can be as many as six, are called stages. The last of these sections or stages is named the plunger.

In general, there are four or five stages in the average telescopic hydraulic cylinder. To have more is technically possible. They can be built. Yet, to do so may threaten the overall stability of the device. As far as typology goes. These cylinders. Although multi – stage, can be either single action or double action.

“Stages” of the Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

The motion or movement of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder moves from largest to smallest stage. The progression begins with the main or barrel and progresses in succession from here until it reaches the plunger. It is a logical approach to the extension process with each stage completing its stroke before the other begins. It accomplishes what is required to move or lift an object without creating logistic problems in a small, contained space.

When retraction is required, the entire process repeats itself. The only difference is the procedure moves from the smallest stage – the plunger, to the largest, the barrel. By the time the retraction is completed, the entire telescopic hydraulic cylinder is once more a single compact unit.

Why Some Prefer a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

The choice of a telescopic hydraulic cylinder over other types is the direct result of its telescopic abilities. They provide the cylinder with a very long stroke for the size and space required. When mounting space is very limited, yet a long strong stroke is still necessary, this is the perfect solution. Dump trucks, for example, cannot dump their load if they have installed a larger cylinder unit. This would put their cargo and load dumping capabilities into jeopardy. The telescopic hydraulic cylinder easily solves this and other similar problems even though it is actually a relatively simpler mechanism.

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