All You Need To Know About a Trademark Attorney Chicago

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Lawyer

Planning to start a new company? Well, then you definitely need to identify a logo along with the company name. So you should take the advice of a qualified and skilled trademark attorney. Before getting into the details of hiring a trademark attorney Chicago, you need to understand what a trademark actually means.

What is Meant by a Trademark?

A trademark is a logo, shape, name, brand sign or any other distinctive indicator used to identify that your company’s products and services are unique and can be distinguished from other products. If promoted in the right manner, a trademark can prove to be the highlight of your business. Trademark acts as an indicator of quality and origin of its products and services. Trademarks are not limited to multinational companies alone. Even a small firm can use a trademark. Trademarks are registered under the federal Trademarks Act so that your trademarks are not used by other business organization.

Who is a Trademark Attorney in Chicago?

Jayaram Law Group is a trademark attorney in Chicago and a professional who is legally qualified to advise clients on trademark related matters. He can counsel you on how to secure, advance, protect or defend your trademark rights. He can also help you to enforce your trademark rights. He is a qualified expert in trademark laws and practices.

Responsibilities of a Trademark Attorney

An efficient trademark attorney should have the capability to research for new trademarks, explore areas for trademark clearance, file and deal with prosecution applications for trademark related issues. He should check the use of trademarks by third parties. He should be able to perform national, as well as international searches to make sure that the trademark that he is going to use for his client is not used anywhere else. He must have the capability to advise his customer about the design and copyright issues of trademark and domain name. He should be able to negotiate in cases of a trademark dispute and prepare the right contractual papers. In addition, he must have the skill to prepare complex letters to the trade mark registry and to clients.

If you want to add value to your trademark and secure it, it is best that you contact a trademark attorney in Chicago such as Jayaram Law Group and be sure that the trademark you have worked hard to create isn’t already used and owned by someone else.

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