After you find yourself injured due to the negligence of your employer, it may seem relatively easy for you to file for compensation and then actually receive it. In reality, it is more likely for you to receive denial of your claim than to receive acceptance, and you may even end up losing your position at the company over the situation. Not only is this in violation of your rights as an employee, but calling a workers’ compensation attorney to your side from the start will ensure that you avoid such a frustration from the start.

More Money

A workers’ compensation attorney in Washington, PA will help you to win up to 33% more in compensation from your case than you would if you faced the insurance company of your employer on your own. Depending on the type of injury and the circumstances surrounding the accident, this may be a very significant difference fit to help you face the cost of medical bills, loss of salary, medication, and much more. Since even the ride to the hospital can cost $700 or more, you cannot afford to be placed in serious debt by an employer unwilling to cover their mistakes. Contacting a firm such as Porta-Clark & Ward, Attorneys at Law will ensure that your rights are protected.


The moment that you call a workers’ compensation attorney into the situation, you expedite the entire process of receiving compensation. Your attorney will understand the complex legal jargon used by the lawyers of your employer and any strategies that they might employ to put off payment. In addition, they will help you to dramatically reduce the amount of work that you must do to get the claim filed and carried through by taking on much of the paperwork and taking action as your representative so that you can focus on recovery.

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