Although the cuisine will seem unusual at first, someone who has not yet become acquainted with Indian food is sure to find many dishes that are pleasing. Going to an Authentic Indian Restaurant in Washington DC is an ideal introduction to this style of eating, with its blends of spices and delicious combinations of vegetables and meat. Fruit sauces are common, but customers who prefer savory flavors over sweet will find many other options.


An Authentic Indian Restaurant in Washington DC will assuredly feature a leavened flatbread known as naan. This particular kind of bread is also prevalent in the cuisine of central Asia and the Middle East, so it may be familiar to customers who haven’t tried Indian food specifically before. They may have eaten pita bread, but naan has a softer texture because of the dairy ingredients, and sometimes the inclusion of eggs.

Geographical Influences

The cuisine of India has had an influence on eating styles characteristic of countries surrounding this large nation. When a U.S. resident thinks of Asian cuisine, he or she may mainly reflect on Chinese, Japanese and Thai foods that are especially enjoyable.

India is part of Asia too, and people must remember that Asia an entire continent with numerous countries. Similarly, someone might understand how Mexican foods became so popular with U.S. residents, with both Mexico and the United States being part of North America and sharing a long border.

Regional Cuisine

In addition, India is so enormous that menus focusing on this cuisine generally feature foods that are frequently eaten in a variety of the nation’s regions. A similar situation exists with Chinese menus featuring Hunan, Cantonese and Szechuan meals since China is also a huge nation.

At a restaurant such as Heritage India, customers will find an abundance of tamarind chutney, which is characteristic of South India and Andhra Pradesh foods. Like Mexico, India has a long coastline, which explains why prawns and other seafood are often included in meals native to those areas. The eating styles are truly diverse, creating a delightful array of possibilities for anyone who is just starting to sample this food.

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