An Overview Of Social Security Disability Insurance

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Law And Legal

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is a program of the US federal government. The objective of the program is to assist a disabled individual by paying a monthly sum; to qualify the disability is expected to last more than one year or result in death. To be eligible for SSDI you have to have worked and paid into the system through FICA, you must have accumulated sufficient work credits, you must not be able to do any meaningful work and the disability must meet the definition accepted by the Social Security Administration. These and other rules makes it difficult to make a successful application for benefits, the result is that many disabled applicants turn to a Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri.

SSDI eligibility requirements:

Social Security provides a monthly cash benefit for those who suffer a disability and those who have reached the minimum legal retirement age. There is rarely a problem with getting retirement benefits, unfortunately the same cannot be said when the application is being made for disability benefits. Firstly, thy applicant for SSDI must have accumulated enough work credits. The maximum number of work credits that can be accrued is four every calendar year; to apply for benefits the applicant must have 40 of them. As well as having a total of 40 work credits, 20 of them have to have been earned in the ten years leading up to the date of the disability benefits application. If a person cannot meet this particular requirement they can opt for SSI (Supplementary Security Income), a program which is based on means rather than work. If you are physically or mentally disabled and you have doubts as which program you can qualify for you are advised to check with Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri.

Medical eligibility:

Having enough work credits is one hurdle which has to be overcome; having a disability that is recognized by the Social Security Administration is another. The eligible disabilities are specified in the SSA “Blue Book,” the disability must be severe, expected to last at least a year or thought to be fatal.

* A severe disability interferes with your ability to work
* Long term means one year at a minimum
* Total means that you cannot perform any work

Approval of benefits:

The application is very complicated; it is wise for the disabled individual to hire seasoned Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri. If your application is approved on the first try you will be among the small minority as most applicants are denied benefits. A disability attorney can render considerable assistance when it comes time to appeal the denial of benefits.

As the application process for Social Security disability benefits tends to be complex and frustrating it is best to hire Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri to help with the process. Click here for more information on Grundy Disability Group.

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