According to a recent report published by The Institute of Medicine, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Whether it be caused by Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, injuries or neurological disorders, the pain of any kind can be difficult to deal with. Though there are strong pain medications and muscle relaxers that can bring people relief, these often cause unwanted side-effects and can lead people to become addicted. Instead of these risky drugs, many people are able to find relief for their chronic pain through the Chiropractors in Colorado Springs.

When a person is suffering in pain, they cannot focus on enjoying their life. Chiropractic care is a type of medicine that focuses on helping people to naturally overcome their pain and improve their health. Chiropractors use different methods of treatment to help bring pain relief, including manual manipulation treatments and education. Changing a person’s diet and lifestyle, along with chiropractic care, can often bring greater pain relief than is experienced with pain medications. Visit website to learn more.

To find out what methods of treatment will be needed, the chiropractor will first take a medical history of the patient and discuss what types of symptoms they are having. Pain can often be a symptom caused by abnormal joint positioning in the body. These subluxations may press on nerves and cause pain that can be difficult to overcome. If subluxations go untreated for long periods of time, permanent nerve damage may be the result.

A chiropractic manipulation treatment uses different movements, tools and chiropractic tables to move the joints of the body back into position, so pain relief is felt right away. Since joints are often unstable, most people will need ongoing treatments to keep their pain away and keep their body systems working at their prime level.

Once full pain relief has been accomplished, patients continue to see their chiropractor for maintenance treatments, usually carried out once a month. These treatments are beneficial for everyone, even those who do not suffer from pain.

If you are interested in seeing if chiropractic care can help your chronic pain condition, call the office of Brian C. Helland D.C. Through a consultation appointment, you can see how this treatment will benefit your health in many ways.

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