Over the past few years nearly every state in the US has become much tougher on DUI offenders. Even if this is the very first DUI that you been charged with, there are still heavy monetary penalties and you could end up in jail or at the very least lose your license. Did you know that a DUI conviction can cause you to lose your job and make it much harder for you to procure other employment? Not to mention, what would happen to your insurance premiums whose price will skyrocket. For these reasons, it is vitally important that you retain the services of a highly qualified DUI attorney in Salinas.

Be Certain That the Attorney You Retain is a DUI Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is hiring a criminal defense attorney who has no DUI experience. You need an attorney who has defended DUI matters and who is familiar and up-to-date with the laws. Every state has different DUI laws enacted and you need an attorney who has expertise in defending you under your state’s law. An expert DUI attorney can move quickly and meet with the prosecutor to attempt a reinstatement of your license. He or she is also capable of recognizing any errors that the officer who charged you with DUI may have made in his paperwork. This can be a huge benefit for you and might even cause a dismissal of your case.

A Guilty Verdict Can Change the Course of Your Life

If you are found guilty of committing a DUI offense, you will have a criminal record and that can follow you around for years. If you are defended by John Klopfenstein, Esq., he is skilled in negating the effects of a DUI charge and has an excellent track record when defending DUI defendants. Schedule a consultation with him to increase your chances of a not guilty verdict.

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