MDTP tests are an important tool for high school mathematics classrooms. They provide adequate diagnostic information that measures a student’s readiness for mathematics in college. A student’s preparedness is measured adequately so you as a teacher can easily evaluate, identify and focus on the right areas that require improvement. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where you need to focus to help your students succeed in math? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you were able to give them the leverage they needed to succeed in college when it comes to mathematics courses? With MDTP testing you will be able to tell where a student it lacking and where they excel so you can apply additional study to required areas. Take advantage of such a powerful tool so you can give your students the best mathematics education and preparedness possible.

MDTP Tests Are a Powerful Analysis Tool

Utilize user-friendly MDTP tests as a powerful analysis tool that is fast and easy. You will have the ability to administer tests directly, and get test results instantaneously using online MDTP tests. The faster you can get feedback and share it with your students, the sooner you will be able to work on areas of weakness and provide potential growth. Test results can even be sorted, disaggregated, aggregated and drilled so areas of need are identified. All of the data from MDTP results is also exportable.

Use a Math Skills Diagnostic Test as a Teaching Tool

Useful diagnostic assessments can identify the math understanding of a student. The first step is to use the online MDTP tests provided by Knowledge Tools. Once you have given your students the online MDTP tests, MDTP diagnostic results can be analyzed as a first step in creating an informative assessment cycle. The results show content areas and strengths where support and intervention are required. Mathematical misconceptions will be identified so they can be remedied and close gaps for mathematical content knowledge.

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