The driveway on your property is not just a pathway for your car to make it from your street to the garage, but it is also a major portion of the appearance of your home. The overall condition of your asphalt driveway can either add or reduce the overall value of your home. It is important to use the following driveway maintenance tips, in order to keep the concrete or asphalt surface in tip-top condition to protect the investment of your home. They will also help you to avoid having to call on the services of Asphalt Solutions Plus to fix pooling water, cracks or potholes.

Sealing your Driveway

A proper seal coat can offer a protective layer for your driveway, shielding it from the elements and preventing issues such as cracks before they begin. It is recommended by experts that you invest in seal costing for your driveway at least once a year to protect it from ice, water and the sun. Springtime is the perfect time to sealcoat the surface and repair any damage occurring from the freeze and thaw process over the winter months.

Handling Standing Water

If there are any portions of your driveway that are lower than the nearby areas, then birdbaths or bowls may form, causing water to collect. Not only does standing water look bad, it will also cause cracks. After a hard rain, walk the driveway to look for these problem areas. If it is a significant problem, call on the services of Asphalt Solutions Plus for help repairing the issue.

Crack Repair

Even if you get rid of the existing standing water and seal coat the surface on a regular basis, the harsh weather conditions, and even prior neglect, may leave some cracks behind. If the cracks are left untreated, then it may lead to weed growth and water freezing in the space, causing the cracks to expand further. If the cracks are larger than ½ of an inch wide, then you should call in professional services for help to ensure they are filled properly. Not treating the issues can lead to more expensive problems down the road.

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