Auto Glass Replacement in Long Island – Ensuring a Safe Vehicle for Travel

by | Oct 29, 2012 | Automotive

Automobile windshield repair and replacement isn’t always for cosmetic reasons. Many states require vehicle operators to maintain their windshield in order to meet inspection requirements. Motorists that drive with cracked or broken windshields can be subject to fines from law enforcement. Whether the crack is small or extends across the entire windshield, it should be addressed immediately. If caught early, tiny breaks and chips can be fixed easily. When left unattended, these problems will always progress and become worse.

Why Windshields Crack
A repair center that offers auto glass replacement in Long Island will often provide original equipment glass. There are many reasons that windshields become broken and damaged. Flying debris from roadways such as small stones is a leading cause of chips. Outside temperatures can also play a role. When a windshield has a crack running horizontally or vertically, intense heat can cause it to worsen. This is also evidenced in extremely cold conditions.

Insurance Coverage
The majority of insurance carriers provide coverage for automotive glass replacement. It’s suggested to check with your agency to see if your policy covers everything. Usually, there is a deductible which must be paid up-front. The insurance company will pay the balance afterward. The cost of automobile glass can vary significantly. It usually depends on the model of vehicle and size and type of glass. Also, keep in mind that windshield replacement dealers often have different rates. Contact several glass centers for detailed pricing and other information.

Who to Contact
Generally speaking, working with dealers that provide auto glass replacement in Long Island and specialize in windshield repair is your best option. These facilities use the latest equipment, technology and techniques. They will review your damaged glass and attempt safe repairs. Windows with extensive breakage will likely require replacing. Make certain the dealer provides a high level of customer care and satisfaction. In addition to the expense of replacing glass, there is also the concern of driver and passenger safety.

Mobile Glass Repair
There are numerous advantages of hiring a mobile glass replacement service. There are few auto repairs that can be performed away from a repair center. Fortunately, windshield replacement can be done by technicians at your home or place of business. This is highly convenient for customers because they don’t have to rearrange their schedule. The glass service uses a specially equipped van or truck that contains the necessary equipment to complete the work. In most cases the entire windshield can be replaced in about an hour or so.

Professionalism and Experience
Always choose a reputable glass company. This will ensure a quality and safe windshield repair or install along with excellent service after the sale. Automotive glass is an essential component of your vehicle’s structure. When problems occur do not hesitate to have the windshield repaired as quickly as possible to safeguard your automobile.


A damaged auto glass is not just aggravating, but can be unsafe. Our highly trained glass technicians will determine whether replacing or repairing is your best option.

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