After a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, bail may be set by a judge or through an automatic schedule for the more common criminal offenses. With Bail Bonds in Dekalb County, not being able to post cash bail doesn’t stand in the way of a person’s freedom. This type of service posts a surety bond for a fee, allowing the individual to be released from jail until the scheduled court date. Otherwise, people who can’t afford cash bail wind up staying incarcerated for days, weeks or even months.

Getting Life Back on Track

This option allows people who have been arrested for a crime the chance to get their life back in order. They can pursue legal representation and begin the process of proving their innocence. They can continue going to work every day and coming home to their family afterwards. That means being able to pay the bills and maintaining the nuclear family structure. Without Bail Bonds in Dekalb County, the person’s carefully cultivated life can quickly unravel.

Increased Need

The need for services by companies such as Free at Last Bail Bonds continues to increase as arrest rates for non-violent crimes rise and personal savings rates remain relatively low. More people than ever are being arrested for possession of marijuana and other drugs, for instance, and they may not be able to afford bail.

Issues With Savings Rates

These organizations are known to be of the most benefit for low-income individuals since people with plenty of savings often can afford cash bail. If low-income people do own real estate, they tend to have low equity in their home ownership, making only a small amount available for bail collateral. Someone who needs help to regain freedom while awaiting trial may visit the website

Even people who earn an amount that might be considered a lower-class income have trouble saving money, especially if they are raising a family. Expenses for electricity, heat and vehicle fuel are high, and there is a mortgage or rent to be paid as well. Trying to come up with a full bail amount may be insurmountable.

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