For car owners that don’t know a great deal about how their cars works, Auto Repair in Omaha NE can be extremely frustrating. There are many aspects of a vehicle that may break down and need to be repaired, but there are a few common things the average car owner will have to deal with. One involves a vehicle’s electrical power.

The Role of the Car Battery

There are two main power-providing components in a car. The first is the battery and the second is the alternator. The battery is the initial power that starts a vehicle. Once started, the alternator takes over.

What an Alternator Does

The alternator is a power generator. This belt-driven component provides electrical power for an entire car. In addition, the alternator also recharges a car’s battery. When the battery is used to start the car, it takes a great deal of power out of the battery. The alternator recharges the batteries so it will be ready to start a vehicle the next time the key is put in the ignition.

Common Issues with Car Batteries

Problems with the alternator and battery can crop up from time to time. The most common issue is a dead battery. This means that a car won’t start. This can happen slowly or, with some batteries, the drainage can be almost immediate. A car may start fine one minute and not start the next. That’s why keeping track of the age of the battery is important.

When the Alternator Needs to Be Replaced

Alternators can go out slowly, and vehicles typically alert the owner of this problem with a dashboard battery warning light. In this situation, the warning light indicates the battery is not charging, which means the alternator is not working properly and likely needs to be replaced.

If a car doesn’t have enough power, it will stop running. Dead batteries will impede a vehicle’s ability to start, and an alternator can shut a vehicle down when there is not enough electrical current. However, this type of Repair in Omaha NE can be rectified, but stopping the problem before it begins is important. That is why an attentive owner will need to pay attention to their vehicle to avoid these issues. If you’d like to know more information about these and other repair issues, click here.

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