Be Environmentally Conscious with the Right Type of Waste Management in Eugene

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Recycling

Over the last few years, millions of people around the world have become eco-conscious as a way of reducing the consumption of natural resources, maintaining wildlife habitats and preventing global warming. You can reduce your carbon footprint in a multitude of ways, such as by paying for waste management in Eugene. Waste management can be relied on for business and commercial waste. Skips are a preferred option, because they can be rented for a period of time that suits you and can hold bulky materials. Before you pay, learn how to choose the right service.

Types of Waste

You can decide what sort of waste management in Eugene you want to pay for by classifying your waste beforehand. Most people are unaware of the different types of waste and how they have an effect on the environment. Hazardous waste is perhaps the most harmful to the environment, despite it accounting for approximately five percent of all waste. Vehicle batteries, cleaning chemicals, oils and  solvents are examples of hazardous waste. Food and paper waste would be classified as biodegradable, which is recyclable. Chemical waste could contribute to pollution and includes paint thinner, paint, glues, stain removers and anti-freeze, to name a few things.


Recycling your waste is a great way to help the environment. Materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills will be turned into new products if they are recycled. The majority of waste management companies will offer recycling services, because they save space in landfills, preserve energy and natural resources, and could even generate revenue through the material being sold on. As landfill leachate reduces, so do pollution levels, which means that the risks associated with climate change and global warming will lower, too.


A recommended recycling solution for people who have large amounts of waste to deal with is a skip. Available in various sizes and styles, skips can be delivered to your property and picked up once full. For small amounts of waste, choose a midi skip. Midi skips are slightly larger, making them a preferred choice for bulky waste. Should you be planning a home or garden renovation, opt for roll on roll off containers. These containers are large and are designed with wheels, so that they can be loaded on and off a vehicle with no problems.

There are many reasons to invest in waste management in Eugene with Royal Refuse, from reducing your carbon footprint to preventing health and safety hazards.

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