Beauty Products for Both Men and Women

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Health, Shopping

According to men’s website, 7 out of 10 men use some product meant for the opposite sex as part of their grooming ritual. Mostly, men are the culprits, as they often use beauty products, health care products and skin care products belonging to their wives and girlfriends. This may come as surprising news to many, but the fact is that men have become more open to the use of beauty and health care products in the present day and age. Since women are the primary targets for most beauty products, men sometimes have to use products meant for women to get the best available skin care products. Of course, some men argue that they due not use women’s products for any other reasons than that they are easily available and handy when required, but even that underscores the fact that more men are using health care products of late and there is a growing market for beauty products for the metrosexual man.

Beauty Products for Both Sexes

Women have traditionally been the consumers of beauty products al around the world. But nowadays men are catching up too. Forbes magazine recently ran an article named ‘Makeup For … Men?’ in which it was stated “Don’t be surprised if very soon your toiletry kit contains not only shaving cream, deodorant and toothpaste, but concealer, oil-absorbing face powder and brow gel.” The reason? The article goes on to explain, “That’s because guys are relying on an increasing number of made-for-men products like these to put their best face forward.” So is this just a fad or are there numbers to back up the claim? The same piece refers to a study by Euromonitor, a London-based marketing and research company, which notes, “Last year, $4.8 million was spent on male grooming products in the U.S., a 7% increase over the year before and a whopping 42% increase from 2001.” Quite evidently, the demand for beauty products for men is rapidly on the rise.

Of course, men have scant need for grooming products like nail polish and lipstick, but demands for skin care products, perfumes, herbal products, general beauty products and health care products are rising. One particular favorite is fairness cream for men, which is seeing rising demands in the tropical countries.

In conclusion

Men are increasingly invading the beauty products bastion, which was previously a domain only for females. Companies are gladly catering to this new demands and a lot of products that cater to men or to both the sexes can now be seen on the supermarket stores. Looking good is the in thing, and women now have lots of competition!

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