When someone decides to spend time in the woods during warmer weather, there is the risk of Ticks Marlboro NJ being a problem. Since these insects harbor bacteria and carry diseases, taking steps to try to keep them away from the body is best. Here are some tips to consider when going outdoors during tick season.

Wear The Appropriate Clothing

It is best to keep the body covered as much as possible to keep ticks from biting the skin. Long-sleeved shirts and pants are best when hiking through a wooded area. Light-colored clothing is also helpful as ticks will be easier to see on the material, making it easier to remove them quickly as a result. A hat should be worn to protect the head as well.

Keep On Trimmed Pathways

When someone takes a hike through the woods, it is best for them to remain on pathways rather than traipsing through high brush. Ticks will quickly grab onto a person walking past, making long blades of grass, branches, and plant leaves prime areas for them to scout out a host to feast upon. Keeping on rocky trails and mowed grassy areas will make it easier to stay away from ticks. It is also best to remain in areas where tree cover is not excessive as ticks will drop from branches above to land upon hosts underneath.

Do Spot Checks After The Excursion

After a session outdoors, the body should be checked for ticks so they can be removed. A pair of tweezers can be used to pull a tick from the skin if one is noticed. The person should then be on the lookout for symptoms of sickness in case the tick bit them. A trip to a doctor can be taken to have a tick tested for disease if desired.

When there is a need to treat an area that has a lot of Ticks Marlboro NJ, calling a pest control service is best. They will have the proper methods available to eradicate a problem in its entirety. Visit site now to find out more about the process or to make an appointment.

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