Do you haul a lot of sand and rock in your business? Be asphalt and concrete an important part? You may wish to check out the benefits Belly Dump Trailers provide. Here is more info on these trailers and tips for choosing the best trailers for your company.

Why Belly Dump Trailers?

A belly or bottom dump trailer is far more stable than an end dump unit. Perhaps you have seen more than one end dump trailer lose its stability and tip. This is not an uncommon site, but you won’t have this trouble with a belly dump trailer.

Belly dump trailers are very well balanced, and they can hold a tremendous amount of weight and still maintain their stability. However, this is only one reason many people in the rock and sand business are choosing bottom dump trailers.

A belly dump unit is designed to release its load slowly from the bottom. In fact, it is usually released as the truck pulls the trailer. It will lay your materials in neat rows which can easily be worked and smoothed out.

A side dump trailer is more stable than an end dump model. However, like the end dump unit, all of the rock, asphalt, or another material is pretty much dumped in one place and a pile. It cannot give you windrows of material.

Belly dump trailers are perfect for paving projects. They can cut the time it takes to pave drastically over other means of dumping. This can save you a great deal of money. Also, you may be able to get by with a smaller work crew, and you can finish much quicker. This is a “win-win” situation for construction businesses.

Choosing the Right Bottom Dump Trailer for Your Company

Not all trailers are created equal, so it is important to go with a trusted manufacturer. Look for dump units with straight tub sidewall construction. This allows for smooth and even dumping. Choose a manufacturer with decades in the business and one who provides heavy duty units with an excellent warranty.


When you choose a top trailer manufacturer, you can have your belly dump trailers customized for your business. For instance, you may select a tandem or quad axle or have a custom axle setup. You also can select the color of paint you want, so it matches your company colors. Other options like aluminum wheels and tarps are also available from the best trailer services.

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