Most people have invariably been scared away from certain cosmetic procedures because of the horrific tales told by those who have had botched treatment. However, finding a doctor that understands what he’s doing will allow you to have a natural-looking treatment that is right for you. Learning about certain benefits and drawbacks of Botox in Barrington could be the start of your new face and new you.


Research has proven that some types of the drug can be used to reduce migraines. However, it will not permanently stop these headaches from occurring. It reduces the number from 15 to around four per month, which is an excellent option for those in dire need of another treatment option. Just understand that 31 injections will be required in different parts of the face and neck.


One of the drawbacks of the product is that it is expensive. It can be a good investment, especially if it helps you feel and look better, but it is not permanent, meaning you will need to have it redone every three to six months. If you find an extremely lower price for the treatment, you may want to steer clear because it could be of a lower quality than the regular-priced stuff.

Eye Problems

Most people seek Botox treatments in Barrington because it reduces wrinkles and provides a younger-looking appearance. However, it can also be used to treat many eye problems, such as crossed eyes, blurred vision, and eyelid spasms. In essence, it will relax the muscles in the eye so that they can heal and work properly on their own.

Rebellious Wrinkles

All wrinkles aren’t the same and just as there are many types of cells in the body, there are many different lines. While some will smooth out, it will act to freeze particular motion wrinkles and won’t remove every line or wrinkle from your face.


Many men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis, a.k.a., excessive sweating. With this problem, people experience a lot of sweat at unpredictable times. It is normal to sweat when exerting yourself and using energy, but if you are sleeping or sitting and sweating profusely, you need to do something. While there are many treatment options, some people require different options, such as Botox. One series of treatments can fight off the extra sweating for two years or more, depending on your particular body.

Botox in Barrington can offer significant benefits if you’re willing to deal with the slight disadvantages that come along with it. Regency Medical Spa in Barrington can provide this and other treatments.

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