Many times after a homeowner has had their home broken into by thieves or other types of vandals, they and the rest of their household may feel very uneasy and unsafe. Very often, even if the thieves were unable to get away with much, the residents can fell very vulnerable and anxious because someone was able to gain access to the home. In this type of situation it can be important to contact a Door Locksmith in Lincoln Park to explore what types of improvements can be made to prevent this type of situation from occurring again.

One of the first things the locksmith will inspect is the locks on the doors and windows. It is important to determine if the current door locks are in good shape or if they should be replaced. If it is not clear how the intruder gained access, the homeowner may feel more comfortable if the door locks in the home are replaced or rekeyed. In addition, to dealing with the current locks, a locksmith should check the home’s main doors, such as the front and back doors. These areas may need upgrades to include high security deadbolts, if they are not already installed. It may also be a good idea to consider installing rim locks to the surface of the doors as well.

A Door Locksmith in Lincoln Park will also want to check the security and locks of the windows in the home. In many cases the frames of the windows may need to be upgraded to a more secure material. A locksmith can generally advise a customer if this is the case. Most windows have very basic window locks. However, there are more secure window locks which can be installed to provide more security to the occupants of the home. These can include those with steel bolts going through the interior and exterior window frames. In addition, sash catches or stops may be a good option as well.

If the occupants are particularly anxious since the break-in it may be beneficial to have door viewers installed in any exterior doors, which do not have them. While this device cannot do much to prevent an intruder from coming into the home, it can offer a bit of security to anyone who at home when someone comes to the door. This can be a great benefit to everyone in the home.

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