In recent years, the traditional method of welding together two sides of a metal material to form a bend has become obsolete. A more efficient and effective process known as induction pipe bending is now used by most pipe manufacturing firms. This method ensures consistency in the shape and quality of the finished product by making use of inductors to ensure precise control over the heating process.

Automated Pipe Bending Process

The induction pipe bending method also makes use of a drive system as well as other components to automate the entire bending process from start to finish and can be used on all kinds of metal materials as well as alloys such as steel. The technique is mostly used to manufacture the massive tubes that are used in the petroleum industry; however, it can be applied in other areas such as the manufacture of springs and farming tools. The following are some of the benefits of induction Pipe Bending in Seattle, Washington.

Absence of Weld Joints

Pipes that are manufactured using the welding process usually contain minute flaws and imperfections that reduce their effectiveness and efficiency. When such pipes are used to transport liquids, flow issues may occur due to the nature of the joining points that is ubiquitous to welded designs. These joining points are areas of weakness, and if undue pressure is exerted on them, they may come apart at the seams. These points are not present in pipes manufactured using the pipe bending process and as such, they are much stronger and able to resist higher pressures.

Reduced Cost

The pipe bending process eliminates weld joints thereby reducing the overall inspection costs associated with the traditional welding process. When compared to other methods, induction pipe bending takes up less time and uses up less energy resulting in reduced costs and more efficient use and deployment of resources.

To get the best results, industrial manufacturers and construction companies that work with large quantities of metal should engage the services of expert firms such as Specialty Metals that specialize in induction Pipe Bending in Seattle, Washington. Induction pipe bending is more advantageous than welded designs particularly in areas that require the incorporation of complex design elements. Browse the website to learn more about the benefits of the pipe bending process.

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