If a person lives in a very old house, there is a good chance that the windows in the house are old as well. If the windows in the house are old, the homeowner should consider contacting a professional to install Replacement Windows in Lexington KY. There are several ways that new windows can be beneficial for the homeowner.

Lower Energy Bills

Older windows tend to be drafty. These drafts allow a great deal of cold air to enter the home during the winter. This will cause the heating system to work overtime. During the summer, the cool air in the home will escape from the drafty windows. This will cause the air conditioning system to work overtime.

Low Maintenance

The window frames of old windows are made of wood and they are painted. Over time, the paint can chip, and the frames would need to be repainted. New windows are made of vinyl or aluminum. The windows are white, and they don’t need to be painted. When the homeowner has new windows installed, the only maintenance they would need to worry about is wiping down the frame when it gets dirty or dusty.

Clearer Views

The panes of old windows tend to turn yellow over time. Regardless of how often the homeowner washes the windows, they can still turn yellow. Also, time can cause tiny scratches on the windows. These two issues can make it difficult for the homeowner to get a clear view out the window. If the homeowner installs replacement windows, the pane would be clear and free of obstructions so that the homeowner can see out the window clearly. Also, more natural light will flood into the home.

Increase the Value of the Home

When the homeowner installs replacement windows, it can increase the value of the home by up to $10,000. Also, if the homeowner is planning to sell their home, new windows are a great way to bring in prospective buyers.

If a homeowner has old windows in their house, they should consider hiring a professional to install Replacement Windows in Lexington KY. Not only will the windows look better, they will also save the homeowner money. Contact us to schedule service.

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