When water at your residential development is wasted, you end up paying more than necessary, and Mother Earth ends up paying, too. Fortunately, utility submetering exists to prevent this from occurring. Submetering offers a wide range of benefits for both you and your tenants.

Submeters are individual water meters, devices that provide invaluable diagnostic information regarding how much water a building has used. Submeters are placed on individual water supply lines that measure all tenants’ water usage. They do not replace mater meters, which are building-wide devices. Rather, recording data from a master meter and then subtracting this from the reading of a submeter can reveal the overall water usage at the main building.

Submeters are usually designed in such a way that wireless electronic devices transmit data readings to remove computers for rapid analysis. Then, third parties process these data. The system makes it simply to get an accurate water reading.

Why Submetering?
Utility submetering is a critical took for reducing your utility bills. A system that is not submetered bills tenants based on a certain percentage of the total amount of water used in the whole building. On the contrary, a submetered system makes it possible for you to bill tenants for the amount of water they actually used individually. This enables you to determine the quantity of water being utilized as well as track how conservation strategies are progressing.

Submetering Advantages
Submetering your residential building’s water lines offers the chief benefit of enabling you to more effectively target areas of your building for improvements in usage since you can view consumption trends. As a result, in your residential development water leaks can be discovered quickly and easily – resulting in important cost savings overall. In turn, tenants can receive lower water bills. Identify and fixing water leaks when discovered is important for both the building owner and the tenants. Submetering is the solution for efficiency in water use for both large and small residential developments.

A reputable provider of utility submetering systems in your local area can go over with you the options that are most appropriate for your particular property.

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