Benefits Offered by Regular Oil Changes in East Lansing MI

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Auto Repair

Investing in regular Oil Changes in East Lansing MI is one of the easiest and most affordable things a driver can do to extend the life of their vehicle. It can also help to save the driver from the inconvenience of unexpected repairs and breakdowns. The fact is, as part of a vehicle’s routine maintenance, an oil change is essential to keeping any vehicle running efficiently and smoothly. In most cases, when a driver invests in these services, the technician will also check the vehicle’s tire pressure, fluid levels, hoses, belts, and even the air filter.

However, there are still some drivers who wonder why Oil Changes in East Lansing MI are so beneficial. Learning what this process does can help ensure drivers invest in it regularly.

Improved Engine Performance

When a driver invests in regular oil changes, they can ensure the internal moving parts of the engine remain lubricated and clean. As a result, the vehicle will drive much smoother and not be as loud when going down the road.

Removes Accumulated Dirt and Other Debris

The fact is, when oil gets old, it has a certain amount of debris and other junk in it. This can result in damage to the vehicle’s engine, which is especially true if the vehicle is driven in dusty or dirty conditions. In most cases, changing the filters and oil can help to keep all these undesirable little particles out of the engine and protect the vital components from harm. Keep in mind, the higher the quality of the oil, the cleaner that the engine will remain.

Improved MPG

No one can put down the ability to get better gas mileage. When the oil is fresh and new, it improves lubrication of the moving parts inside the engine. With less friction, the entire engine will operate more smoothly and efficiently, leading to the vehicle getting more miles per gallon.

While there is no question that oil changes offer a number of benefits, there are a number of consequences to not having the oil changed. To learn more about oil changes and the many benefits they offer, contact the staff at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service. Being informed is the best way to keep a vehicle running efficiently.

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