Propane has become one of the most popular forms of gas for heating and powering appliances in homes. Initially, it was out of necessity that many rural homeowners started using propane as the primary fuel source for their homes. This was because of the fact that they did not have access to natural gas lines and electricity. However, over time the many benefits of using propane began converting more homeowners into users of the fuel. Consider some of the following top reasons to use Propane Gas in Columbia, TN.

Nontoxic – Experts consider propane to be a green energy source because it is nontoxic and releases less carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide than other fuel sources. If propane leaks into surrounding water or soil, it evaporates completely and leaves no harmful compounds behind. Propane has in fact received approval ratings from the 1990 Clean Air Act and National Energy Policy Act of 1992, which have both praised it as an ideal alternative fuel source for over two decades.

Lower Emissions – Burning fuel results in byproducts, known as greenhouse gasses, which are harmful to the environment. These gasses contribute to the phenomenon known as global warming which as the name suggests negatively impacts the entire world. Propane releases approximately 96 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than other fuel sources making it one of the most environmentally friendly fuels in modern times.

Reliable Energy – Unlike electricity and natural gas that require extensive government funded infrastructure and maintenance to get to your home on a continuous and consistent basis, propane is a constantly available and reliable energy source. With propane as your primary energy source, you never have to worry about interruptions as long as you maintain the proper functioning of your tank and keep it topped up when it runs low.

Exceptional Safety – Propane offers unmatched safety to you and your family. Along with being very difficult to ignite accidentally and possessing one of the lowest flammability levels, propane leaks do not puddle like liquid gas leaks do, but instead dissipate rapidly once the leaking stops.

These are a few of the best reasons to use Propane Gas in Columbia, TN. If you are ready to have your own propane tank installed and refueled on a regular basis, contact the professionals at Chiles Propane to schedule a consultation today.

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