There’s nothing worse than walking into a dirty restroom. It’s especially important to make sure a public restroom is clean and germ-free. Keeping a checklist when Restroom Cleaning in Newark NJ will make sure every part of the restroom is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Clean and Disinfect All Surfaces

There are germs on every surface in a restroom. Making sure that each of these surfaces is fully disinfected on a daily basis will keep the restroom looking and smelling its best. Be sure to clean all of the toilets, sinks, fixtures and door knobs at least once a day.

When cleaning surfaces, it’s important to use products that are designed to kill germs. Look for disinfecting products. Using disposable rags will ensure germs are not spread from surface to surface. Disinfecting sprays may be used between cleanings to quickly sanitize a hard surface.

Sweep and Mop the Floors

Think about all of the germs restroom floors are exposed to on a daily basis. Even if the floors are free of debris, microscopic germs are still present. Always remember to thoroughly sweep and mop the floors when Restroom Cleaning in Newark NJ.

Sweeping should be done first to remove any large pieces of debris from the floor. When mopping, be sure to use a disinfecting solution and always use a fresh mop head. Pay close attention around the toilets and sinks, since this is where the majority of germs are hiding.

Empty Trash and Refill Paper

Never leave a full trashcan in the restroom. Be sure to empty the trash on a regular basis to keep it from overflowing. People are less likely to use a trash receptacle if it’s too full. After emptying the trash, put in a new garbage bag and wipe down the exterior.

Before leaving the restroom, check to make sure all paper products are fully stocked. This includes both paper towels and toilet tissue. Consider leaving spare rolls in the restroom to prevent running out before the next scheduled cleaning.

Taking the time to properly clean a public restroom will ensure the space is clean and safe to use. Patrons will also appreciate your efforts. Click Here to learn more about janitorial services to help simplify your cleanup routine.

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