Welcome to BnB Tobacco. Our team of highly experienced and very well trained individuals are here to provide you with the finest and most sought after smoking products on the market today. If you’re looking for Borkum Riff, Padron, Ashton, Fantasia, Black & Mild or anything else, you can end your search here.

Just like you, we have a deep and abiding love for all things smoking related, especially when it comes to the classic hobbies of cigar and pipe smoking. Of course, we’ve also expanded to enter the e-smoke market. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of smoking culture, you’re sure to find something great with BnB Tobacco.

The Borkum Riff Story

Borkum Riff got its start in the 1960s in Sweden. With a nod to the United States tobacco market, the company used a blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos. While they did not have the easiest start in the market, the introduction of a bourbon whiskey helped, and today Borkum Riff is among the most popular cigar producers for the United States and Swedish markets. Since we make a habit of providing nothing less than the best, Borkum Riff is an essential part of the BnB inventory.

Who Is BnB Tobacco?

So much more than just an online smoke shop or discount cigar provider, we are a family owned and operated business that is established enough to provide big company selection and prices while also giving you small company attention and service. While other companies might be larger and better known, none of them are going to give you detailed assistance when you place an order or have a question. Better yet, our entire staff is made up of genuine enthusiasts who undergo training, as well as attend regular events and stay abreast of industry changes.

Beyond the premium cigars and tobaccos you know and love, we feature machine made cigars, e-smokes, roll your own materials, hookahs and accessories like ashtrays, humidors, cigar cutters, lighters and more.

Ready to Order?

Getting started with BnB Tobacco is easy. Once you’ve found what you want on our site – whether it’s Borkum Riff or something else – just place your order online. You can also track it through our site. Ask about current special deals, free shipping, delivery for overseas military and discount rates. We can also work with wholesalers. As your reliable source for all things Borkum Riff, we are proud to be a leading online smoke shop – call today!

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