People who have grown tired of the noise, dust and inconsistent heat from furnaces may decide they want a boiler for radiant heat instead. The system can be set up as part of a remodeling project or installed during new home construction. Boilers and the hydronic system components tend to be very reliable, but as with all heating systems, service by a repair technician may eventually become necessary. Boiler Repair Service resolves problems that develop over time and gets the equipment working properly again.

A variety of problems can crop up with a boiler system as the years pass. A water leak or an issue with a component can cause a reduction in pressure, for example. The boiler may start becoming noisy with sounds of rattling, or the under-floor pipes may bang like plumbing pipes do in some homes. Unusual gurgling sounds can occur. A Boiler Repair Service technician diagnoses the problem and returns the system to its normal peaceful state. Ignoring the noise is inadvisable as the problem will worsen over time. In addition, it detracts from the main reason people prefer radiant heat.

A common reason for noisy equipment is the accumulation of limescale inside. If the home has relatively hard water, meaning it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the residents have probably already needed to remove hard scaly material that builds up on sinks and in the bathtub or shower. Boiler repair workers know methods that effectively remove this substance from the interior of the boiler and pipes or tubes. To prevent future problems, the homeowner might want to consider having a water softener installed.

A malfunctioning thermocouple or deteriorating seals can cause the pilot light to keep going out. It’s best to have the situation resolved promptly by a licensed technician instead of continuing to relight the boiler or attempt to fix it without professional assistance. Other common problems that lead to different symptoms include air in the equipment, the boiler pump malfunctioning, and the condensate pipe freezing up. A company such as Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting can fix problems with the boiler or the other components. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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