Leave it to the Windy City to produce some of the best book binding companies in the country. They have excellent industry expertise that will make artists who write creative material seek them out to put all of their ideas together in a manner that makes them not only distributable to the masses or their own in-house groups, but also in great demand for their attractive and well put-together look.

What Makes Chicago Binderies Some of the Best?
They have been in the business for a long time. They have experienced ups and downs and have still maintained their most productive work—accommodating to today’s quickly changing printed word products. The most modern technology sets them apart from others in their industry and gives them the advantage of fast, convenient forms of book binding. Chicago is located in central U.S. and is a good shipping and distribution center for cities across the country.

What Types of Binding Do These Companies Provide?
They use spiral wire and plastic binding, collating/gathering, trimming (both flat-bed and 3-knife), and punching for mechanical binding. They do tinning to make attractive and durable calendars and posters, drilling to place sheets or books into ring binders, folding for jobs such as medical or informational sheets, as well as shrink wrapping to get jobs ready for shipping or for ease of distribution.

What Types of Technology are Used by These Binderies?
The Bielomatik is a German-made fully automated machine that will spiral wire and create plastic bindings for books with speeds up to 30 books per minute. This is five times faster than any other existing method being used today. This has fairly revolutionized the pace of book binding, and has reduced the overall cost to clients while speeding up production times. An amazing machine, and there are only two of them in the United States.

What Types of Projects Use the Spiral Wire and Plastic Bindings?
Most all types of printed material in book or booklet form can use these bindings. Educational and business employee manuals, workbooks for schools, children’s books, recipe books, nature and outdoor manuals and books, and on and on. These are very colorful and eye-catching books that will be used over and over. They lie flat when opened, or they can be folded back for easy reference.

In the book binding, Chicago area industry, few are as knowledgeable as the experts at Binding Edge. For information about their amazing Bielomatik machine, go to www.bindingedge.com.


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