Building an In-Law Suite

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

If your in-laws are starting to show their age, you might consider adding them into your home so that you can help them as they age and need to have someone around more frequently. However, as you look around your house, you might notice that you and your family are already packed pretty tightly within its walls. Plus, your in-laws do not want to be a burden and they want you to continue to have the privacy you currently enjoy with your family. You might consider adding an in-law suite to your home in order to accommodate everyone concerned.

An in-law suite is a group of rooms that is attached to your current house. The rooms might include a bedroom or two, a bathroom, and even a small kitchen and living area. The suite is, in essence, like an apartment that is separate, yet attached to your house. An in-law suite offers you and your in-laws the best of both worlds. You get to have all of your family close together, and yet you get to have separate lives. Your in-laws will be close by in case they need help, but they will be able to remain self-sufficient in their own living space as well.

When it comes to building an in-law suite, the only downside is the cost. Keep in mind that anything you do to your home is an investment in your home. You will likely see the money you put into your house again if you ever decide to sell. In-law suite options are becoming so popular that houses that have them are often easier to sell. These suites do not only have to be used for aging parents. They are also good for grown children and they can even be rented out to college students or others.

If you are thinking about adding an in-law suite on to your home, you will want to consult with a construction company to see how it can be done. The construction company will help you draw up plans so that you can see how the suite will fit together with your home. The professionals can also help you estimate the costs that will go into the project so you can work on financing.

If you have quite a bit of money saved, you might be able to finance the project in cash. However, an in-law suite is an extensive project so you might have to consider some type of loan as well. After visiting with the construction company, you will know more what type of money you need for your investment. You can then visit your bank and see what financing they offer for the project you have in mind.

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