Are you ready to buy new lighting fixtures for your Chicago area home? If so, make sure that you are using these tips as you shop:

Make Sure Your Lights are Both Stylish and Functional

Many people buy lights based on looks alone. However, that’s not the best way to go about shopping. Though you certainly want a lighting fixture that looks nice, your main priority is to create an illuminated space with the light.

Consider Where You Place the Light

Seeing a light that you believe is perfect for your home might happen, but you have to make sure that the light actually will fit in with your existing décor. Unless you are prepared for a full renovation, you might want to stay away from mix matching different decorative styles.

Think About Ceiling Height

If you are thinking of a large lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, make sure to consider the ceiling height.  A chandelier can hang down a foot or more, so if you have ceilings that are low, a chandelier might cause injury or even be very close to the surface of a table or other furnishing.

Consider the Wattage

The wattage of the light you choose can have an impact on your electric bills. So, make sure that you are keeping that in mind if your energy expenditure is important to you.

Don’t Shop Based on Price, Alone

Finally, though you might love a good deal, remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t choose the wrong light simply because it is a bit more affordable than another one. Many times, the higher the cost of a light is relative to the quality of the light. So, if you pay a little more now, you likely won’t have to replace the light in the near future.

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