Buying or Selling Property? Radon Testing Basics

by | May 10, 2017 | Business

Buying a home comes with a ton of things to add to your to-do list. One of these includes radon testing. Whether you are set on buying property or selling one, you will need to have it tested for radon levels before you can move forward with the sale or purchase. Once you have determined radon levels, you will have a better idea what your next step should be. For homes that have radon levels that are about 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or even higher, measures must be taken to reduce those levels.

Health risks

Exposure to radon levels of about 10 pCi/L can lead to 71 smokers getting cancer while a level of 4 pCi/L could result in 29 smokers getting cancer. On the other hand, exposure to radon levels of about 8 pCi/L could lead to 3 non-smokers getting cancer while a level of 4 pCi/L could lead to 2 non-smokers getting cancer, according to The Balance. Overall, the presence of radon in the home constitutes a significant threat to your health and safety as well as to those of your family.

Radon tests

To determine radon levels, you will need to conduct tests. Some long-term tests can last longer than 90 days. However, that could be a bit too long. If your timetable is a bit tight, there are also short-term devices you can use for radon testing.

Test kits

Don’t just get the kits from any shop or online store, though. It would be best to order them from reliable kit providers. That way, you can be sure the test is accurate. The last thing you want to happen is to think your home is free from dangerous radon levels when it really isn’t. Don’t put your family’s lives at risk. Buy your test kit from a reliable supplier.

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