When considering the environment, many homeowners think about what they can do to save energy. Many go solar or find ways to cut down power usage. The cabinets San Antonio residents can choose may also play a big role in green home improvement projects. There are many choices which can aid this process. The type of cabinet you choose is the first place to look. Particle board and interior grade plywood are examples of materials which may contain harmful ingredients in their adhesives. The same goes for medium density fiberboard.

If you have cabinets made of these materials, that doesn’t mean you have to immediately get rid of them. There are paints on the market so you can cover up exposed areas. Low-VOC sealers are available too. These paints and sealers are inexpensive solutions to cabinet replacements, and can eliminate related health hazards in the home.

For the health conscious consumer, formaldehyde-free cabinets are a good choice. Many are customizable so you can find the right look and function for the home. The expense may be worth it depending on what you are looking for.

Other Green Choices

There are other choices if you want to go green with your cabinetry. One option is to recycle an old cabinet. Instead of throwing away an old unit and sending it to the landfill, it can be refinished and repainted. You can update an older bath or kitchen cabinet. It’s also possible to donate them to specialists in fixing up materials and selling them to other buyers and builders. So, even if you opt to buy something new, there are also green solutions.

Cabinet makers are known for selling green products. If the manner in which the wood has been harvested is a concern, consider cabinets with Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. This way, you know sustainability was a factor in how the unit was made. Examples of responsibility includes replanting trees which have been cut down, harvesting from only designated areas, and preserving wildlife and other important ecological components.

There are in fact many options if you want to obtain green cabinets. You can simply repaint old ones or opt for a new custom set built to the latest green standards. The cabinets San Antonio is home to represent a vast array of choices and sustainable construction materials are well-represented under this category.

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