Maybe you do not run a major corporation with a huge inventory and thousands of customers. In fact, your needs may be small compared to some companies, but you may have a very profitable business. If you have the need for machining and in small lots, it makes sense to go with a CNC cutting service which caters to your specific needs, and here is why.

A Specialty Company Understands Your Needs

Maybe a large company can give you a slightly lower price for their services. However, unless there is a major difference in cost, you may be better off going with a company specializing in smaller needs. These people understand your business needs are much different than the huge corporations, and they are there to serve you.

You Receive Personal Service

A company catering to small lot orders can give you personal service not possible with many large providers. For example, you may have an idea of what you want and need, but there may be some problems with the design. You can talk to a specialty CNC cutting service and they will be more than happy to discuss your problems and offer advice on the best ways to solve them.


Companies which provide small lot service can give you the kind of quality you require. For example, they can afford to test a higher amount of parts for quality control and this ensures you will receive the best possible parts. In addition, you are guaranteed all parts meet your specifications or your CNC service will make things right.

On Time Delivery

You can stay in direct contact with your specialty CNC cutting service, and they will guarantee delivery when you need it. In fact, they can provide quick turnaround times on special orders and this can give you an edge on your competitors.


You can depend on your specialty CNC machining service for the right materials when you need them. After all, this is all they do and they pride themselves on giving you the best possible service.

Prototype Production

Do you have a new or innovative product design you want to get to production? Why not contact a specialty CNC cutting service specializing in creating prototypes. This will give you exactly what you need, and in the shortest amount of time, and your new product can be in the hands of your customers before you know it.

Jifco offers quality CNC cutting service for a variety of applications. To check out the services we provide, come to our website today at

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