Choosing Heating Supplies in Passaic County, NJ

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Plumbing

HVAC experts suggest that water heating consume up to 30% of the average home energy budget. With the heating system being a vital component of the home, choosing the right heating supplies in Passaic County NJ for your home and lifestyle is important. You will need a system that is able to provide hot water for your entire household without compromising on efficiency.

Choosing the boiler

The boiler is a key element of the heating system and your choice will affect how the system works and its efficiency. A new boiler is usually 90% efficient. This means that it is able to convert up to 90% of the energy it consumes into heat. You can opt for the regular system boiler or the combination. The combination boiler, like the name suggests, combines the central hating boiler with the water heater. The biggest benefit of the combination boiler is that in the sealed system, there isn’t a need for storage tank or hot water cylinders that use valuable space. However, they may not suitable for big homes, as they may not be able to deal with a large number of hot water outlets.

Boilers are available in different sizes (usually measured in KW), and it is important to choose the right one for your home. A boiler that is too large will be more expensive for the home and will be less efficient than a correctly sized model. Some of the factors that you will need to consider when choosing a boiler for your home include the size of your household, window sizes and insulation levels.

Choosing other heating elements

Heating supplies in Passaic County NJ include all the parts needed for the heating system such as the pumps, thermostats, aquastats, valves and tanks. To determine the heating supplies you will need, it is important to examine your current elements. Find out their electrical demand, and contact the leading suppliers in the industry. Ramapo Wholesalers has a large selection of heating supplies to choose from, carrying all the products that you need for your heating and plumbing needs. Their qualified staff can help you choose the leading brands in boilers and other heating products.

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