If cool air isn’t blowing through a window air conditioner’s vents as much as it used to or if air feels warm, a unit’s condenser coil may be dirty and clogged with dust. The following Air Conditioning Services in Palm Desert CA project describes how to clean a condenser unit and apply a rust inhibiting product to metal pieces to protect them from corrosion


   *      thin metal file

   *      disposable gloves

   *      vinyl tarp

   *      vacuum cleaner

   *      coil cleaning agent

   *      rust dissolving gel

   *      paintbrush

   *      scouring pad

   *      metal fin tool

   *      detergent

   *      water

   *      spray bottle

   *      lint-free cloths

   *      rust inhibiting spray

Remove A Unit’s Cover And Vacuum And Clean A Coil

After turning off an air conditioner, a thin metal file can be used to pry a unit’s cover off. A pair of disposable gloves should be worn to prevent hands from getting dirty. A vinyl tarp can be laid underneath an air conditioner. A vacuum cleaner’s hose needs to be moved back and forth across the metal pieces that are part of a condenser coil. After loose dust has been collected, a coil cleaning agent should be sprayed across a coil.

Coil cleaner will foam up after it has been applied. When this occurs, a scouring pad should be moved swiftly back and forth over metal pieces to remove hardened residue. If portions of metal are rusted, a paintbrush can be used to apply a coat of rust dissolving gel over them. A clean scouring pad should be wiped across treated metal to eliminate loose fragments of rust.

Straighten Metal, Wipe Down A Unit’s Interior And Apply An Inhibiting Spray

A fin tool can be used to realign metal pieces that are bent. It needs to be pressed directly against metal to bend it. A spray bottle can be filled with water before adding a few drops of detergent to a container. After mixing the components in a bottle, a cleaning agent can be applied to a lint-free cloth. A cloth should be used to wipe off a unit’s interior walls and to clean a unit’s cover. A rust inhibiting spray can be applied to metal pieces to prevent them from corroding.

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