If you run a machine shop or fabricating business in the Twin Cities, you are probably looking for ways to increase efficiency, profits and your customer base. However, it’s also important to achieve this without increasing operating costs, so you can provide the best fabrication Minneapolis and Saint Paul has to offer. When you buy CNC machines for your company, you will realize a whole new world of benefits.

What are CNC Machines?

Unlike standard machines, CNC (computer numeric control) allows for computerized control of your machines. In fact, CNC is capable of:

* Milling

* Lathe work

* Cutting

* Routing

* Many other fabrication operations

The Benefits of CNC Fabrication in Minneapolis
CNC machines are becoming more and more common in the 21st Century. For example, with your new computerized machine you can cut intricate patterns in sheet metal and other materials, and you can perform this operation over and over again with stunning accuracy. This is only one of many benefits.


One of the best ways to lower your costs while improving efficiency is to reduce your labor. CNC machines can perform the work of more than one machinist. For example, suppose you have a three or four step operation. In a large process, this is often handled by as many as four workers in assembly line fashion. However, it’s possible to program several operations in one machine or utilize several machines is a process.

Of course, there is the initial cost to consider. However, it should not take long to recoup your investment, since every time you use the machines you are saving money. Fewer people on the payroll means you are paying out less in wages and benefits. In addition, it is much easier on your supervisors because they have fewer people to track and replace when workers are absent due to illness, vacation or other reasons.

Competitive Prices

Because you save a great deal on operating costs, you can afford to charge less for your products or services. In fact, you may be able to charge less than your competitors and this will give you a decided edge. Plus, if the competition is turning to CNC, it’s probably a good time for you too.


CNC is capable of performing tasks to a high degree or tolerance and accuracy. In fact, it may be almost impossible to duplicate the results manually in some instances. When you purchase your CNC machines, make sure to choose an experienced company with the ability to customize your equipment to your needs.

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