Common Procedures Done by Cosmetic Dentists

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Dentistry

Dental care is important to keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy but despite the best efforts and doing all that you can, sometimes things go wrong. If you are dealing with dental problems such as missing or damaged teeth, crooked teeth, or other serious dental concerns, it might be time to look for a cosmetic dentist in Elk Grove Village.

Cosmetic Dental Care

What do cosmetic dentists do? They help take care of more advanced dental needs and work to restore and maintain the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Here are some of the common procedures they can help with:

  *   Braces- whether traditional metal or the new Invisalign, braces are used to help slowly shift crooked teeth back into place to correct problems with tooth alignment and position.
  *   Dentures- when too many teeth are lost to be easily replaced dentures are often the best solution to give someone back a set of functional teeth.
  *   Veneers- thin porcelain shells that are designed to look like teeth are made to fit over stained and chipped and unsightly teeth to make them look healthy again.
  *   Crowns- custom made caps that resemble adult teeth are placed over damaged teeth to restore tooth shape and stability and to give a nicer look to the teeth.
  *   Implants- single teeth or a few teeth that are missing can be replaced with an implant that is anchored into the gum and jaw bone and fixed with a tooth like cap to fill in the hole.
  *   Whitening- stains and discolorations from food and drink as well as from smoking and other factors can be removed or lessened with professional whitening services.

Finding a Dentist

To find a cosmetic dentist in Elk Grove Village to help you with your dental needs, contact Brian Homann, DDS, today to set up your consultation appointment! Like us on our facebook page.

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