Rural residents usually have their private wastewater treatment system in the form of a Septic Tank in Mcdonough GA, along with a percolating drain field where the liquid is sent. They should have the tank pumped as recommended by service technicians or other experts in septic system maintenance. Septic service technicians are ready to assist when signs of problems with the system develop.

Tree Roots

As with sewer pipes hooked up to a municipal system, backups may occur because of issues with tree roots. Roots seek out water and fertilizer, which they find in tiny cracks and loose joints in underground sewer pipes. Roots in pipes can be chopped up with a mechanical snake. Future problems can be prevented by applying specific types of herbicide that kill roots but don’t hurt the tree.

The Tank Is Too Full

A backup also may occur if the tank is too full to handle any more wastewater. This tends to occur for a few different reasons.

One is that the property owners have not scheduled tank pumping in a very long time. Another is when they use an abnormally large amount of water in one day, which the tank cannot manage. For instance, they might a few people staying overnight, with everyone in the house showering in the morning and then running several loads of laundry after that.

Third, people tend to flush all sorts of things and send things down the drain that build up in the tank, reducing its useful capacity. A Septic Tank in Mcdonough GA is not intended to hold tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers or cooking oil.

A Leak in the System

Lush green grass growing over the tank area when the rest of the lawn doesn’t look so healthy probably indicates a tank or pipe leak. The grass is responding to the extra nutrients and water. Groundwater can become polluted when the system is not working properly. Foul odors may develop. Especially if there are unexplained damp areas over the tank or above the drain field, professional and prompt attention from a company such as MTG Services is necessary.

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