Since your bathroom has an array of fixtures hooked up to your home’s plumbing system, it is no surprise that this room is a common source of pipe and other plumbing troubles. Knowing the most common signs of an issue helps you to know when you should reach out to a residential plumbing service in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your Pipes Are Knocking

Overall, when you are running water in your home, you should not hear any major noises. Everything should flow relatively smoothly and without issue. If you hear a knocking noise when you have a faucet on, this indicates an issue, such as the pipe having too much pressure after use, general high water pressure or loose pipe system valves. It can be especially damaging if there is a combination of high water pressure and loose support straps because the pipes can start to shift and jerk until they eventually break free.

The Water Pressure Is Lower Than Normal

Low water pressure is problematic when you are trying to take a shower or do the dishes, but it might also be causing a dilemma behind the scenes. The first step is ensuring that there is not a clog in your system. Once this is either determined not to be the cause or after it is taken care of, a professional plumber will have to come in and dig deeper to look for obstacles, such as deeper pipe clogs, a burst pipe behind the walls or a damaged water heater.

Continual Dripping

Once you turn off a faucet, all water should cease to flow. If dripping continues, this might indicate an issue with the valve. This typically starts out as a minor problem, but can progress to permanent plumbing damage over time.

Make sure that you never delay getting residential plumbing service in Atlanta, Georgia if you believe that an issue is present. The sooner you get problems fixed, the lesser the chances of them growing and becoming more difficult to repair. Contact Rooter PLUS for more information.

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