The industrial industry is filled with high tech machines that help to produce and manufacture a plethora of different products. These machines need to be regularly maintained in order to ensure that they stay in good working order and do not breakdown due to mechanical failure. In most cases, most machine breakdowns are caused by massive vibrations from the machine being misaligned. There are many tools that can be used to get a machine running a straight line again, which is the only way most industrial machines will run at peak performance. The following are a few of the different tools used in Machine Alignment in Texas.

Alignment Tool for a Belt Transmission
A belt transmission alignment tool allows the user to see where to move the transmitter in order to get all of the belts on the machine in the same straight line. A laser is installed on the tools to give the user a straight line to work off of when lining the belts, which makes it relatively easy to do. If the laser is able to be seen at the opposite end of the machine, then the belt transmission itself may not be aligned in the right way. If you are not able to use this tool on your own, you may need to call in a professional who has the experience to do so.

Bearing Alignment Tool
Another helpful tool used to align vital parts of a machine is the bearing alignment tool. If a bearing on the machine is not aligned properly, then you will probably start to notice a high pitch squeal and screech. The bearing alignment tool will allow you to get the bearings aligned by turning the outside of the bearing in a parallel motion, which should eliminate the noise when operating the machine.

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