Complex Auto Accidents Can be Handled By an Auto Accident Lawyer in Hollywood FL

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Lawyer

While it’s easy to tell who is liable in many auto accidents, many are also complex and there is no way to easily tell who is at fault. When there is a question as to who is responsible for the compensation for the victims of the accident, an Auto Accident Lawyer in Hollywood FL will be necessary. They can find the evidence necessary to determine liability and help the victim obtain adequate compensation.

Multiple-Car Accidents

Multiple-car accidents are often more complex because there are multiple insurance agencies involved. The insurance company for the at-fault driver might try to claim only the first vehicle to be hit is entitled to compensation because the other cars should have seen the accident and stopped before hitting the vehicle in front of them. They also might claim they can only pay out a minimal amount due to the number of vehicles involved in the accident.

Trucking Accidents

When a semi-truck causes an accident, the driver is not necessarily the at-fault party. Instead, liability can be complex in these cases because it could be their employer, the truck mechanic or even the truck manufacturer who is liable for the accident, depending on what exactly caused the accident. For instance, if the driver was forced to drive longer than legally allowed, their employer might be at least partially liable for the accident.

Single-Car Accidents

With single car accidents, most of the time the driver is at fault and thus not entitled to compensation. However, the accident could have been caused by outside circumstances the driver could not control, such as something that fell into the road and caused them to swerve. In these cases, it can be difficult to find the person or business who is liable to ensure the driver can obtain compensation.

Any of the above situations will require an Auto Accident Lawyer in Hollywood FL for help. The lawyer will look through the case to determine what they can do to help their client obtain an adequate settlement. Click Here to find one lawyer who is ready to start working on your case right away and who will help ensure you receive a sufficient settlement for your claim.

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